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Onsite Crematory

Mebane's Only On-Site Crematory

Safe, Secure Cremation-Peace of Mind.

   Our funeral practice stands out among the funeral homes in Mebane:  We are the only one with an on-site crematory.  When you choose us to provide this care for your loved one, you can feel confident that your loved one will never leave our care or our facility.

   It is very important for you to know the issues surrounding cremation and the time involved in completing the process.  Using a third-party crematory translates to an increased wait time, as it will likely be a crematory outside of Alamance County.  In addition, you will have no knowledge of who is handling the cremation process; we strongly believe that the fewer hands managing this process, the better.  We have many families come to us with bad experiences of sending a family member to an off-site crematory; most tell us that if they had it to do over again that they would have used someone with a crematory on the premises.                                   We pledge to keep our costs affordable to the families that we serve. Our prices for these services are presented online.  No other funeral provider in Mebane or Graham shares this information with families online. 

Ash Scattering

Ash Scattering

We can help you memorialize a loved one when scattering ashes.

This act can be an important way to begin to let go. And it can be a creative, thoughtful reflection of your loved one. From sending remains in to space to letting them go at sea, we can help you plan a unique way to memorialize a life through scattering cremated remains.

Design a Cremation as Unique as The Life Lived

When choosing cremation, the options for a final resting place are limitless. Let us walk you through the possibilities as you choose the right service for your loved one.